According to a pictorial graphic release by United Nations on the occasion of the International Literacy Day on September 8, 2012, India has the maximum number of illiterate adults in the world – a staggering 287 million. While progress has been made in providing education facilities across India, at the grassroots level there are many stumbling blocks that range from inadequate infrastructure, teacher-pupil ratio and hygiene facility amongst others.

Pragati Human Foundation supports working directly at the grassroots level with the economically and socially underprivileged to make education accessible (covering rural, tribal, urban and semi urban areas) and relevant (often tailor-made to suit the need and requirement of the community) to as many as possible.

The education imparted by these programmes is in formal, non formal and special learning format

Formal Education                                

The programmes supported by Pragati Human Foundation under this category reach out to the rural, semi-rural and urban slum communities to impart structured education to underprivileged children. These centres are usually in areas where government run facilities are either non-existent or not sufficiently equipped to meet the needs. The programmes work at providing quality education, curb drop out rates  and focus on extracurricular activities for the holistic development of the children.

Special Education

Special children require special care. We believe in extending our support to the caregivers and those who are working to help them develop to their maximum potential. Special children include those with physical and/or mental challenges, visual, hearing and speech impairment.

Non-formal Education

Non-formal education can be a supplementary or complementary activity to formal education. It ranges from balwadis to bridge and tuition classes and adult education. The balwadis are for children (aged between 5 to 8 years) coming from difficult circumstances such as migrant workers, families living at construction sites, child labourers who are not in a position to attend a formal school, as well as providing


We organized programms of Holistic Education. It has organized programs in some areas of Delhi and others areas of sates of India. we honored outstanding students to motivate them for bright future. To prepare young generation for natural and manmade calamities. Pragati Human Foundation also distribute education materials to young and poor children.