India has made rapid strides in the health sector since independence. However, various eye opening data from NFHS clearly indicate that access to healthcare still remains a challenge.

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According to a pictorial graphic release by United Nations on the occasion of the International Literacy Day on September 8, 2012, India has the maximum number of illiterate adults in the world .

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India currently faces a severe shortage of well-trained, skilled workers. It is estimated that only 2.3 % of the workforce in India has undergone formal skill training as compared to 68% in the UK, 75% in Germany,

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Welcome to Pragati Human Foundation

About Us “PRAGATI HUMAN FOUNDATION” (PHF) is a non-profit, charitable, voluntary organization, Which is functioning from Delhi for all over India. “Pragati Human Foundation” was established & founded by the team of social activists in the year 2016 with the main slogan of that “The Organization for Human Progress” means that the work for Indian community for try to doing progress & development in their life basically in Health, Education, Livelihood and to help the poorer community avail better education, health and livelihood as to transform their lives.